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About me

Hi my name is David Born and I am a web developer. I first began learning how to code after I had acquired an internship where I learned to build proprietary software with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I found that I really enjoyed the process of web development and I started to delve deeper into learning more myself. I have an excellent grasp on front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many of it's libraries including React. On the back-end I have excellent skills utilizing other technologies such as Python and PHP. I have also built various projects with these skillets including most recently a chat application in React that uses Websocket.io for an open TCP connection to a server, Redux for state management, as well as Node for some of the back-end. One of the major aspects that I love about web development is that you are constantly learning new things to help you solve problems that arise, and it is this constant problem solving process that continuously makes web development fun. I am an extremely hard working developer that can work well independently but also embraces a team environment where I can help others, learn, and make major contributions. I want to keep continuously growing as a web developer, and my goal is to always deliver the best product I can.




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